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Welcome to my page!

2016-06-10 19:23:05 by Nikki-Chi

I am currently looking to help anyone who needs voices for original animations, games, and more. I will do about anything, both SFW and NSFW (TO AN EXTENT) Please ask me about nsfw about first because I have my limits. I have expierence voice acting in hand animations, RPG's, Audio books, and more. 

Here is my youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KawaiiNiku123

And here is my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/marie-marie-39


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2016-06-10 20:35:59

Nice to meet you hope we can collaborate together in the near future ;)

Nikki-Chi responds:

Sure! I am open for VA collab :3 I saw some of your stuff, you have an awesome voice!


2016-06-11 03:39:05

Hello there,I hope you wouldn't mind that I recommended you to 08jackt(not sure if he told you about it but I was the one who gave him the idea).Sorry for not telling you first.

Nikki-Chi responds:

I just heard about is audition and I will be recording the lines for him. :) I still appreciate you reaching out to me, thank you!


2016-06-11 23:04:45

Thank goodness,usually,not asking people for permission first sometimes got me into pretty nasty situations.Good luck and send my regards to 08jackt!


2016-06-16 02:30:53

thx for the follow and nice voice acting :)

Nikki-Chi responds:

no problem, as a fellow music major I liked your music ^u^ thank you!


2016-06-16 03:42:09

Welcome to Newgrounds, a very old and storied site... how'd you find us?
Pretty good resume for someone not even old enough to drink in the US ;) I hope like many of us, you continue to improve your creative content, among like-minded folk from around the globe.
I have to ask, which state did you grow up in? Hard to find a trace of accent when you're doing special voices.

(Updated ) Nikki-Chi responds:

Thank you for the greeting! I been on this site for years with no account since I was 10 and always been found of it, many have encouraged me to join since I am an active VA. Thank you, I been voicing for quite some time and want to keep building it! I keep my current location classified but I am from the USA and used to live NY for some time. Thank you again for the welcome :)


2016-06-16 16:07:23

i'm glad u like it :) have a nice day


2016-06-16 22:59:43

I was thinking possibly you were from the Ohio valley, or thereabouts. Any chance of uploading a conventional demo, like a commercial voice (both blue and white collar product placement), an audiobook/narration voice, that sort of thing?

(my rant to every other VA here) I've always had this pet-peeve about upper-midwest/Wisconsin accents, since so many are on radio these days, due in no small part to all the radio/TV subsidiaries in the sparse places of the US, and the way national broadcast companies juggle them about. It's just insane to hear that lilt 'everywhere', it's like, aren't there any local broadcasters capable enough, to talk about their own neighborhoods anymore?!!1


2017-06-03 18:50:38

I LOVE your voice! You're very talented! I'm glad you got a Newgrounds page. I'd like to chat with you sometime. Welcome!